2. Wide trio (4K) & Plakat

2024.01.12 15:34

                                                  Wide trio (4K)

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                                            Hollywood Actress 229

1. Hollywood Actress 229
This is what everyone nails it down.
Eminent representativ media by singer, female, Hollywood actresses, athletina, woman.
Focused on television presenter & series of crime, novelas.

                                         Female Short Creators 100

2. Female Short Creators 100
The most influential internet person women celebrities.
Shorts video highest paid ranked collection.
54 of them with over one million subscribers gold award status.

                                                 Samba Muse 65

3. Samba Muse 65
Marching tableau of the year 2020.
Lexical memorabilia of super league sambadrome narrated 65’s queens name at 33th fest.